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Directory of NYC NightClubs

Name Type Address Phone
200 Orchard NYC Bar 200 Orchard St. (between Houston and Stanton Sts) NewYork, NY (212) 673 5350 Visit NY Events
40c NYC Bar 40 Ave C. (between 3rd and 4th Sts) New York, NY (212) 466 0880 Visit NY Nightclubs
49 Grove NYC Club 49 Grove St. (Near Bleecker St) New York, NY (212) 727-1100 Visit New York City Events
Aer Lounge NYC Club 409 W. 13th St. (between 9th Ave. & Washington St.) (212) 989-0100 Visit NYC Events
Alphabet Lounge NYC Bar 104 Ave C. (at 7th St) New York, NY (212)780 0202 Visit New York Events
APT NYC Bar 419 W. 13th St. (between 9th Ave. & Washington St.) (212) 414-4245 Visit NY Events
Arc NYC Bar 6 Hubert St. (Hudson St.) New York, NY (212) 226-9212 Visit NY Nightclubs
Arena NYC Bar 135 W. 41st. St. (between Sixth & Broadway) New York, NY (212) 278-0988 Visit New York City Events
Aura NYC Club 5 E 19th St. (between Fifth and Sixth Aves) New York NY (212) 671 1981 Visit NY Events
Bar 13 NYC Club 35 E 13th St. (between Fourth Ave and University Pl) New York, NY (212) 979 6677 Visit NY Nightclubs
Black Betty NYC Club 366 Metropolitan Ave. (at Havemeyer St) Brooklyn, NY (718) 599 0243 Visit New York City Events
BLVD. NYC Bar 199 Bowery (at Spring St.) New York, NY (212) 982-7767 Visit NYC Events
Bogart's NYC Bar 99 Park Ave. (39th St.) New York, NY (212) 922-9244 Visit New York Events
Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden NYC Bar 29-19 24th Ave. (between 29th and 31st Sts) Queens, NY (718) 728 9776 Visit NY Events
Branch NYC Club 226 E. 54th St. (between Second & Third Ave.) New York, NY (212) 979-8844 Visit NY Nightclubs
Bruckner Bar NYC Bar 1 Bruckner Blvd. (at Third Ave) Bronx, NY Visit New York City Events
Café Deville NYC Bar 105 Third Ave. (at 13th St) New York, NY (212) 477 4500 Visit NY Events
Cain NYC Bar 544 W. 27 St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 947-8000 Visit NY Nightclubs
Canal Room NYC Club 285 W. Broadway (at Canal St.) New York, NY (212) 941-0900 Visit New York City Events
Cielo NYC Club 18 Little W. 12th St. (between Washington & Hudson St.) New York, NY (212) 941-1540 Visit NYC Events
Club Drink NYC Club 4849 Arthur Kill Rd. Staten Island, NY (718) 317-9000 Visit New York Events
Club Shelter NYC Club 150 Varick St. (between Vandam & Spring St.) Visit NY Events
Crazy Moose Saloon NYC Club 40-07 Bell Blvd., Bayside, Queens (718) 224-0690 Visit NY Nightclubs
Culture Club NYC Club 179 Varick St. (between Charleton & King St.) New York, NY (212) 791-1886 Visit New York City Events
Deep NYC Club 16 W. 22nd St. (between Fifth & Sixth Ave.) New York, NY (212) 229-2000 Visit NY Events
Dirty Disco NYC Bar 248 W. 14th St. (between 7th & 8th Ave.) (212) 488-2525 Visit NY Nightclubs
Duvet NYC Bar 45 W. 21st. St. (between Fifth & Sixth Ave.) New York, NY (212) 989-2121 Visit New York City Events
Earth NYC Bar 116 Tenth Ave. (between 17th & 18th St.) New York, NY (212) 337-0016 Visit NYC Events
Eden NYC Bar 268 W 47th St. (between Broadway and Eighth Ave) New York, NY (212) 398 3800 Visit New York Events
Element NYC Bar 225 E. Houston St. (Essex St. / Avenue A) New York, NY (212) 254-2200 Visit NY Events
Gazebo NYC Bar 9310 Fourth Ave., Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY (718) 748-7200 Visit NY Nightclubs
Groovedeck NYC Bar 530 W. 27th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 594-4109 Visit New York City Events
Guest House NYC Bar 542 W. 27th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 273-3700 Visit NY Events
Gypsy Tea NYC Bar 33 W. 24th St. (between Fifth & Sixth Ave.) New York, NY (212) 645-0003 Visit NY Nightclubs
Habibi Lounge NYC Bar 198 Ave A. (between 12th and 13th Sts) New York, NY (212) 982 0932 Visit New York City Events
Hawaiian Tropic Zone NYC Bar 729 Seventh Ave. (between 48th and 49th Sts) New York, NY (212) 626 7316 Visit NYC Events
Home NYC Bar 532 W. 27th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 273-3700 Visit New York Events
Kiss & Fly NYC Bar 409 W 13th St. (between Ninth Ave and Washington St) New York, NY (212) 255 1933 Visit NY Events
Level V NYC Bar 675 Hudson St. (14th St.) New York, NY (212) 699-2400 Visit NY Nightclubs
Love NYC Club 40 W 8th St. (at MacDougal St) New York, NY (212) 477 5683 Visit New York City Events
LQ NYC Bar 511 Lexington Ave. (between 47th and 48th St.) New York, NY (212) 593-7575 Visit NY Events
Macri Park NYC Bar 462 Union Ave. (at Metropolitan Ave) Brooklyn, NY (718) 599 4999 Visit NY Events
Madison NYC Bar 33 W 24th St. (between Fifth and Sixth Aves) New York, NY (212) 465 3191 Visit NY Nightclubs
Marquee NYC Bar 289 Tenth Ave. (between 26th & 27th St.) New York, NY (646) 473-0202 Visit New York City Events
Mixx Lounge NYC Bar 84 Seventh Ave South. (between Bleecker and Grove Sts) New York, NY (212) 243 7888 Visit NYC Events
Moomia Lounge NYC Bar 157 Lafayette St. (between Grand and Howard Sts) New York, NY (212) 219 4006 Visit New York Events
Nikki Beach NYC Bar 151 E. 50th St. (between Lexington & Third Ave.) New York, NY (212) 753-1144 Visit NY Events
NV NYC Bar 289 Spring St. (between Sixth Ave. & Varick St.) New York, NY (212) 929-NVNV Visit NY Nightclubs
One NYC Bar 1 Little W. 12th St. (Ninth Ave.) New York, NY (212) 255 9717 Visit New York City Events
Pacha NYC Club 618 W.46th St. (between 11th & 12th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 209-7500 Visit NY Events
Pink Elephant NYC Club 527 W. 27th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 463-0000 Visit NY Nightclubs
PM NYC Bar 50 Gansevoort St. (Greenwich St.) New York, NY (212) 255-6676 Visit New York City Events
Providence NYC Bar 311 W. 57th St. (between 8th & 9th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 307-0062 Visit NYC Events
Public Assembly NYC Club 70 North 6th St. (between Kent and Wythe Aves) Brooklyn, NY (718) 782 5188 Visit New York Events
Pyramid NYC Club 101 Avenue A (between 6th & 7th St.) New York, NY (212) 228-4888 Visit NY Events
Rehab NYC Club 25 Ave B. (between 2nd and 3rd Sts) New York, NY (212) 253 2595 Visit NY Nightclubs
Rhumba NYC Bar 396 E. Tremont Ave. (Webster Ave.), Bronx, NY (718) 294-1100 Visit New York City Events
Room Service NYC Bar 35 E. 21st St. (between Park Ave. & Broadway) New York, NY (212) 254-5709 Visit NY Events
Saloon NYC Bar 1584 York Ave. (between 83rd & 84th St.) New York, NY (212) 570-5454 Visit NY Nightclubs
Santos Party House NYC Club 100 Lafayette St. (at Walker St) New York, NY (212) 714 4646 Visit New York City Events
Sapphire Lounge NYC Bar 249 Eldridge St. (between Houston & Stanton St.) New York, NY (212) 777-5153 Visit NYC Events
Sidetracks NYC Bar 45-08 Queens Blvd. (45th St.) Sunnyside, Queens, NY (718) 786-3570 Visit New York Events
Sol NYC Club 609 W. 29th St. (between 11th & 12th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 643-6464 Visit NY Events
Spotlight Live NYC Club 1604 Broadway. (between 48th and 49th Sts) New York, NY (212) 262 1111 Visit NY Nightclubs
Spy Club NYC Club 17 W. 19th St. (between Fifth & Sixth Ave.) New York, NY (212) 352-2001 Visit New York City Events
Star NYC Bar 246 Columbus Ave. (between 71st & 72nd St.) New York, NY (212) 496-1200 Visit NY Events
Strata NYC Club 10 E. 21st St. (Broadway) New York, NY (212) 505-7400 Visit NY Nightclubs
The Grand NYC Club 41 E 58th St. (between Madison and Park Aves) New York, NY (212) 308 9555 Visit New York City Events
The Manor NYC Bar 73 Eighth Ave. (between 13th & 14th St.) New York, NY (212) 463-0022 Visit NYC Events
The Plumm NYC Bar 246 W. 14th St. (between 7th & 8th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 462-4433 Visit New York Events
The Roxy NYC Club 515 W. 18th St. (between 10th & 11th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 645-5156 Visit NY Events
Thirteen NYC Bar 35 E.13th St. (between Broadway & University Pl.) New York, NY (212) 979-6677 Visit NY Nightclubs
Tonic Bar NYC Club 727 Seventh Ave. (at 48th St) New York, NY (212) 382 1059 Visit New York City Events
Ultra NYC Bar 37 W 26th St. (between Broadway and Sixth Ave) New York, NY (212) 725 3860 Visit NY Events
Villa NYC Club 735 Second Ave. (between 39th and 40th Sts) New York, NY (212) 983 9310 Visit NY Nightclubs
Vudu NYC Bar 1487 First Ave. (between 77th & 78th St.) New York, NY (212) 249-9540 Visit New York City Events
Water Taxi Beach NYC Club 2-03 Borden Ave. (at 2nd St) Queens, NY (212) 742 1969 Visit NYC Events
Webster Hall NYC Club 125 E. 11th St. (between 3rd & 4th Ave.) New York, NY (212) 353-1600 Visit New York Events
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